House on the Alb

Gerd Jütten Ɩ Fotodesign

  • year of construction / construction time 1929 — 1930
  • architect Gustav Adolf Schneck

  • year of construction / construction time 1989 — 1992
  • architect Werkgemeinschaft Nürtingen, Eberhard Weinbrenner, Hellmut Kuby, Martin Rehm

  • year of construction / construction time 2013 — 2020

building typology

Also known as: Kaufmannserholungsheim der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kaufmannserholungsheime

This outstanding building is part of the digital transmission format "100 years of architectural history between 1900 and 2000", which will be available on this website from April 2019. The place is not part of the Grand Tour of Modernity and not accessible.

The text is currently in preparation. We thank for your patience.

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Gerd Jütten Ɩ Fotodesign
Gerd Jütten Ɩ Fotodesign

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