Grand Tour of Modernism Thuringia


We are delighted to invite you to come and discover the traces of the Bauhaus, its pioneers and its successors along an extra-special travel route: the Grand Tour of Modernism in Thuringia. This tour will take you to impressive locations in Thuringia in which you can experience the Bauhaus and its heyday in person and fi nd out about the links between the exciting history of modernism and the present day at diff erent Bauhaus sites.
Every destination along the route tells its own special story and off ers visitors plenty of exciting discoveries and fascinating impressions. Set off on your own “Grand Tour of Modernism” through Thuringia and fi nd out what connects the “Milchhof Arnstadt” with modernist architecture in Gera, the Margaretha-Reichardt-Haus in Erfurt-Bischleben or the Bauhaus World Heritage Site in Weimar up close and in person.

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