How did the submarine get in the garden?

Ingolf Kern, Hanna Zeckau, Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau (ed.)

How do we want to live? That is the question that motivates Lotte and Max, who live in a “Bauhaus House” in Frankfurt. It’s not just architects like Walter Gropius who can be inventive. Lotte and Max also build special houses: with roofs and buildings that move, and others that can grow. They have car tyres and cling-film for windows, and skylights made of Tupperware boxes. After visiting the housing estate in Törten, Dessau, their designs take a surprising turn. For there, they see Georg Muche’s “Stahlhaus”, which is more of a submarine.

Seemann Henschel publishing
Available only in German
ISBN 978-3-86502-397-1

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