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Glass Skin and
Black Box

Joachim Brohm

Black Box

“The bridge structure in which the collection will be presented is a closed black concrete body that hovers over a permeable public space dedicated to temporary exhibitions, events and workshops. Its materiality is rough and expressive. Its massive presence in the building works as a statement. This massive floating heavy structure will be perceived in different ways depending on the natural light conditions outside, acting as the protector of its very sensitive content.”

Glass Shell

“Like an overcoat, the thin layer of glass is the membrane that makes possible the activity of the ground floor plaza / open stage where the activity of the Bauhaus will be exposed to the city. This glass layer, along with an 11-meter tall metallic fabric curtain and the ventilation openings located at the highest and lowest points of the façade constitute the main temperature regulation system of the building. This glass protection volume allows the continuity of the Bauhaus not only as part of the museum activities but also as part of the city of Dessau.”


addenda architects
Black Box in the development process
addenda architects
Shadow play through glass


"On the one hand, the volume closed by the facades includes a public space; on the other hand, its thinness allows the interaction and permeability between street and museum, between museum and park. The bridge construction of the black-box enhances the continuity of the ground floor. The heart of the building is precisely a void, a big open space, leaving the main role to the main actors: the user and the activity itself."

Open Stage

“Our project offers playful contrasts as heaviness and lightness, opacity and transparency, system and flexibility, order and spontaneity that can be perceived at the ground floor central open space. The museum is an instrument and a catalyst for expressing activity and productivity, creativity and social interaction that altogether corresponds with the idea of the Bauhaus.”



addenda architects
Fluid space that connects city and museum
addenda architects
Experimental field for art and culture