from material to architecture

Bauhausbücher 14
László Moholy-Nagy
Edited by Walter Gropius, László Moholy-Nagy (original series), Lars Müller (English edition) in collaboration with Bauhaus-Archiv/Museum für Gestaltung, Berlin
Design: László Moholy-Nagy (original German edition)

Published in 1929, From Material to Architecture contains the main features of László Moholy-Nagy’s teaching program at the Bauhaus. With its focus on the preliminary course, this last book of the 14-volumes series explains how students “develop towards practice from day to day.” The educational principle behind it, Jedermann ist begabt (everyone is talented), was central to teaching at the Bauhaus from 1919 to its conclusion in 1933.

Moholy-Nagy’s second contribution within the series (he also wrote Painting, Photography, Film, volume 8) searches “for the closest connection between art, science and technology by aiming for the training of finer sensory perception.”

Bauhausbücher 14
2021, Lars Müller Publishers
244 pp., 209 ills., reprint, hardback
ISBN 978-3-03778-667-3

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Bauhausbuch 14 – Insight into the original
Lars Müller Publishers, 2021
Bauhausbücher 14: László Moholy-Nagy – From Material to Architecture (Reprint, 2021)