Dance the Bauhaus

Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau (Ed.), Torsten Blume

Admiring the architecture of a building that inevitably amazes anyone who witnesses it, the photographs and text in this volume document the Bauhaus school, articulating how the interplay of natural and artificial light form a special aspect of the structure’s aesthetic. The façade of steel and glass is examined in detail, revealing how it seemingly melts into the heavens when seen from a certain vantage point. Conveying a multi-faceted interpretation of a heretofore undocumented aspect of the Bauhaus aesthetic, this consideration is ideal for architects, students of art and architecture, and interested laymen. This edition includes English and German.

25.9.2015, E.A. Seemann Verlag
76pp. with images, flexible cover
ISBN 978-3-86502-361-2