Corona Krause

Portrait of Corona Krause, Photo: unknown, n.d.
Portrait of Corona Krause, Photo: unknown, n.d. © unbekannt.
  • Born on 16.8.1906 in Genua-Coronata, Italy
  • Died on 14.1.1948 in Hannover, Germany

  • Different spelling Korona Krause
  • Name after marriage Corona Stichs

  • Married to Friedrich Stichs

  • Profession Weber

  • Bauhaus Weimar: Student
  • Burg Burg Giebichenstein

Corona Krause, born in Coronata near Genoa in 1906, came to the Bauhaus in Weimar at the age of 18 in 1924, where she studied weaving. A year later she did not take part in the move to Dessau, but continued her studies at Burg Giebichenstein in Halle. Corona Krause then worked as a textile and fashion designer. She has a daughter with the artist Friedrich Stichs. Krause died in Hanover in 1948. Her preliminary course work ‘Floating Sculpture’ was illustrated by her teacher László Moholy-Nagy in his Bauhaus book ‘From Material to Architecture’.


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