Car Park South

Car Parking South, Halle
Car Parking South, Halle © Bauverein Denkmal GmbH, Wolfgang Möller.


  • 1928 — 1929
  • Walter Tutenberg


  • 2007 — 2011
  • Gösta Ahrens

Großgarage Süd

Halle’s Car Park South is one of the oldest multi-storey parking structures in Germany. Built in 1928 by construction engineer and building contractor Walter Tutenberg, it is an outstanding example of the New Architecture style and was far ahead of the buildings of its day. Constructed of glass, steel and concrete, the building was especially noted for its functionality and efficient use of space. It was symbolic of a newly mobile society and the then-booming automobile industry.

Based on American models, this large car park had a state-of-the-art vehicle lift system for distributing the cars, creating an extremely compact layout for 150 parking spaces. These were lockable compartments arranged on three parking decks around an atrium topped by an impressive glass roof. In addition to parking spaces, the garage also offered an array of services – such as an auto repair shop, a car wash, two petrol stations and various shops selling car accessories, but also a hair salon, sleeping accommodations and washrooms as well as travel assistance.

The contrasting design of the building’s façades is particularly striking. The façade on Liebenauer Straße barely gives a clue that a multi-storey car park lies behind it. The choice of materials and the window arrangement reflect the appearance of the neighbouring three-storey residential buildings, thus allowing the façade to inconspicuously fit into the streetscape. The main façade to the north, which once served as the main entrance for vehicles, is quite different: With its extensive glazing, it has an industrial quality that contrasts sharply with the late-19th century character of Halle’s southern city centre.

Over the years, poor maintenance allowed the garage to fall into disrepair. In 1992, safety inspectors withdrew approval to operate the lift, thus putting an end – at least tentatively – to the building’s use. The car park, meanwhile protected as a historic monument, was meticulously renovated between 2007 and 2011, at which time the lift was replaced by a spiral ramp built as an annex. Of the original 150 compartments, only 88 are still used for parking, and these are leased out on a long-term basis. Since then, a small exhibition in one of the unused compartments provides information about the structure’s origins and its important place in transport history. [KS/DK]


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Großgarage Süd
Pfännerhöhe 70
06110 Halle (Saale)

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Nächstgelegener Bahnhof der Deutschen Bahn: Halle (Saale) Hauptbahnhof
Nächstgelegene Haltestelle ÖPNV (Bus, Straßenbahn o.ä.): Bus Linie 30, Haltestelle Otto-Kilian-Straße

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Car Parking South, Halle
Bauverein Denkmal GmbH, Wolfgang Möller.
Car Parking South, Halle
Car Parking South, halle
Matthias Kunkel, Halle.
Car Parking South, halle