Towards a New Kind of Living
The Werkbund Housing Estate Breslau 1929

 Institut für Auslandsberziehungen (Ed.)
With texts by Andreas Denk, Beate Eckstein, Christine Nielsen, Dietrich W. Schmidt, Jadwiga Urbanik

In the extensive illustrated section of this catalog for the Werkbundsiedlung Breslau, photos and plans as well as models of all buildings are published. The contributions explain the planning and construction history of the WUWA, technological, monument preservation and urban planning aspects as well as the importance of the Wrocław Werkbund settlement for the development of modern architecture.

1996, Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel
95 Pages, Catalog for the exhibition of the same name in the Ifa Gallery, 5.6.–6.7.1996
German/English (bilingual)
ISBN 978-3-7643-5420-6
ISBN 3-7643-5420-8

  • Dietrich W. Schmidt:  Innovation and Experiment – The Modern Concept of Architecture and its Roots: Introducing Reasons
  • Christine Nielsen:  Breslau and its Werkbund-Siedlung of 1929 – Planning Ideas and Housing Concepts
  • Plates: Documentation
  • Jadwiga Urbanik:  New Architecture and new Construction Techniques – Notes on the Technological Aspects of WUWA
  • Andreas Denk,  Beate Eckstein:  Old Worlds and Modern Times – On the Urban Concept of the WUWA and Other Model Housing Estates
  • Plates: Models
  • Appendix

  • Andreas Denk
  • Beate Eckstein
  •  Institut für Auslandsberziehungen
  • Christine Nielsen
  • Dietrich W. Schmidt
  • Jadwiga Urbanik