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In keeping with its motto ‘Rethink the World’, the Bauhaus Association 2019 will join regional, national and international partners in facilitating a rediscovery of the Bauhaus heritage and its present and future significance.
Here you find books, flyers, booklets and the magazine bauhaus now published by Bauhaus Kooperation Berlin Dessau Weimar.

Is everything Bauhaus?

Mia and Lucas Rosenstein are excited to have been invited to their grandfather's birthday celebration in Chicago. While exploring his apartment, the kids discover an old suitcase full of peculiar articles. For each individual item, their grandfather shares another interesting story - with each one tying into the Rosenstein family history as well. All of them are part of the fascinating world of Bauhaus.

Anniversary Calendar 2019

365 days of Bauhaus: the centenary calendar offers a compact overview of all the exhibitions and events in the anniversary year.
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Grand Tour of Modernism

The Bauhaus found only in Berlin, Dessau or Weimar?
Not at all! Outstanding examples of Bauhaus and modernism can be found all across Germany, all landmark architecture that has profoundly changed our understanding of life, work, learning, and living.

Bauhaus 100 Sites of Modernism

Extraordinary sites associated with the Bauhaus and modernism can be found throughout Germany—pioneering architecture that has enduringly shaped our understanding of life and work, learning and living. This travel guide brings the historical and architectural traces of over 100 examples of Neues Bauen building to life, making tangible the impact of the historical Bauhaus beyond the school, its sites and its time.

Travel Planner

Wheter you want to visit the Bauhaus in the west or modernism in the south, the travel planner presents a selection of outstanding Bauhaus and modernist sites along with suitable tour suggestions.

Thinking the World Anew

365 days of Bauhaus: the centenary calendar offers a compact overview of all the exhibitions and events in the anniversary year.

bauhaus now #1

Is Modernity an Attitude?
On November 15, 2017, the official magazine for the Bauhaus Centenary in 2019 appeared in international newsagents. The first edition of bauhaus now deals with modernity as an attitude instead of a style.

bauhaus now #2

Where does the Future Take Space?
The release date for the second issue of “bauhaus now”, the official magazine of the Bauhaus Association, is 23 May 2018. This time, the focus is on architecture and urban planning.

bauhaus now #3

From Bauhaus to a school of schools?
On 14th November 2018 the third issue of „bauhaus now“, the Bauhaus Association’s official magazine will be released. This time the focus lies on the areas performance and education.

Photo: Stan Hema, 2018


The world sees Bauhaus with I See Bauhaus
Take photos, then edit them – with I See Bauhaus, you become part of the big centenary celebration 100 years of bauhaus!

bauhaus imaginista. A School in the World

bauhaus imaginista. A School in the World traces the history of the international impact and reception of the Bauhaus’s practices and teachings against the backdrop of major geopolitical transitions of the 20th century. It focuses on the mutual dialog and exchange of the Bauhaus, its students and teachers with non-European modernists in places like India, Japan, China, Russia, Brazil and the United States.


We invite you to share photos and statements with the world about contemporary topics, issues and events related to the Grand Tour Of Modernism using #GrandTourOfModernism. You can see what’s currently being posted or tweeted here.

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