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The great Centenary in 2019 will be a celebration in true Bauhaus fashion and will be reflected in national and international media.

bauhausWORLD 3/3: The Utopia

DW Documentary | released at January 27th 2019

The Utopia explores the influence of the Bauhaus philosophy on today’s globalized society. What is its legacy? What became of its utopic visions of the future? Do they still have relevance in the 21st century? We find out if the questions that Bauhaus posed have been answered, and if we can still learn from the solutions it proposed 100 years ago.

bauhausWORLD 2/3: The Effect

DW Documentary | released at January 20th 2019

The Effect takes viewers on a journey from Dessau to New York, Älmhult in Sweden and Ulm in Germany to examine the influence that Bauhaus still exerts on art, design and architecture around the globe. Nowadays the name of Bauhaus has been transformed into a brand. Is it to blame for the modern world’s obsession with design?

The Total Dance Theater

A 360° music video for the bauhaus centenary
arte | released at January 17th 2019

Acclaimed choreographer Richard Siegal and cult band Einstürzende Neubauten make the bauhaus dream of “total theatre” a reality in this anniversary year. Fusing body and space together, they deploy virtual reality to transplant Walter Gropius’s and Oskar Schlemmer’s experiments in stagecraft into the digital age.

bauhausWORLD 1/3: The Code

DW Documentary | released at Jan 13th 2019

The Code is the first part of bauhausWORLD. The search for the secret of Bauhaus’s enduring success leads all the way to Japan – a journey illustrating how the forced closure of the school that drove the movement into exile served to spread its philosophy around the world.

Constructing Clothing

CNN: A Great Big Story | released at Aug 22nd 2018

Widely known for its architectural prowess, the Bauhaus School’s clean lines also extend into fashion. The minimalist aesthetic has graced the runways of Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander Wang, adorned pop stars like David Bowie and Lady Gaga, and motivated the work of designer Anne Gorke. A native of Bauhaus’ birthplace—Weimar, Germany—Gorke pays homage to her upbringing with each stitch.

Ballet á la Bauhaus

CNN: A Great Big Story | released at Aug 7th 2018

The Bauhaus Movement produced more than just minimalist buildings and furniture; it also gave way to a dance of geometry. In his 1922 “Triadic Ballet,” prodigious artist Oskar Schlemmer stripped away the genre’s archetypally fluid movements and fabrics, placing his dancers in structural yet jovial costumes. Join the Bayerisches Junior Ballet München as they prepare to bring Bauhaus center stage again.

Building for the people

CNN: A Great Big Story | released at July 11th 2018

The Bauhaus Movement, with its clean lines and lack of fuss, has influenced architecture all over the world. But its roots are firmly German. Started at Weimar University in 1919, it later moved to Dessau, about 150 kilometers away. Join us for a two-city tour that includes the very first Bauhaus building and the office of the movement’s founder, architect Walter Gropius.

Bauhaus: Art as Life – Talk: An Insider's Glimpse of Bauhaus Life

Barbican Centre | released at May 16th 2012

Nicolas Fox Weber, Director of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, explores day-to-day life at the Bauhaus: the personal relationships, the struggles and even the scandals.

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