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Is everything Bauhaus?

Mia and Lucas Rosenstein are excited to have been invited to their grandfather's birthday celebration in Chicago. While exploring his apartment, the kids discover an old suitcase full of peculiar articles. For each individual item, their grandfather shares another interesting story - with each one tying into the Rosenstein family history as well. All of them are part of the fascinating world of Bauhaus.

Bauhaus Book of Games and Handicrafts

Available only in German

They built houses and furniture, made china crockery, wove carpets and painted. But who were the “Bauhaus Masters”? And what is this “Bauhaus” after all? It’s simple: Children find out by reading and having fun painting and doing handicrafts, till they themselves become little Bauhaus Masters. With a wealth of games and handicrafts they find out creatively what the Bauhaus was and how it still influences our lives today. Through playing interactively they are introduced to the Bauhaus.

The Bauhaus City

Available only in German

On this ten-part journey of discovery, children get to know all the exciting buildings of Dessau. They are invited to a tea party in the Atelierhaus, and to the legendary “swimming day” at the Kornhaus in the River Elbe. They find out that kitchens can also be bathrooms at the same time. And that the houses the Bauhaus teachers lived in look like white cubes, and the bedrooms in these houses are sometimes painted in black. Through funny and informative anecdotes the children learn how the Bauhaus changed everyday life.

What is the Bauhaus? Children Explore the Bauhaus Dessau

Many things seem strange in this angular building in Dessau they call “The Bauhaus”. The radiators hang like paintings on the walls, windows are opened with a chain drive, nearly all the lamps are round and the chairs are covered in a yarn of metal. Behind every construction, every item of furniture, can be found a brilliant idea. This book contains the things that children find fascinating about the Bauhaus. Its fifty questions, with answers and illustrations, inform children and familiarise them with the world-famous school of art design and architecture.

Who Lives in White Cubes?

Available only in German

Lotte and Max meet Titus in Dessau, and he takes them on a journey back in time to 1927. The children encounter Kandinsky, Klee and Gropius, who all live in houses that look like white cubes. A lot of things in the Masters’ Houses are strange. You take showers in front of a big window and you sleep in a room painted black. Lotte and Max experiment with the Feininger brothers in the darkroom and go to a fancy dress ball with the members of the Bauhaus community. The Bauhaus is just a kindergarten for grown-ups.

How Did the Submarine Get in the Garden? Children Explore Bauhaus Architecture

Available only in German

How do we want to live? That is the question that motivates Lotte and Max, who live in a “Bauhaus House” in Frankfurt. It’s not just architects like Walter Gropius who can be inventive. Lotte and Max also build special houses: with roofs and buildings that move, and others that can grow. They have car tyres and cling-film for windows, and skylights made of Tupperware boxes. After visiting the housing estate in Törten, Dessau, their designs take a surprising turn. For there, they see Georg Muche’s “Stahlhaus”, which is more of a submarine.