Appia Stage

Dresden | Festival | 8.–21.9.19

In 1912/13 the stage designer Adolphe Appia and the light artist Alexander von Salzmann created the prototype of a new, open theatre stage for the 20th century. This impressive space inspired modern artists worldwide and is regarded as a direct precursor of the Bauhaus ideas.

Appia Stage Reloaded

Following its successful presentation in autumn 2017, the reconstructed Appia stage will be on show again in Hellerau at the Appia Stage Reloaded Festival as part of the anniversary “100 Years of Bauhaus” from 8 to 21 September 2019. Visitors can experience numerous performances, dance and music events as well as workshops, lectures and exhibitions.

Programme [in German]
Photo: ÄTNA


Demian Kappenstein & Inéz Schaefer

ÄTNA are singer Inéz and drummer Demian Kappenstein – and if you surrender to their music, you can hardly believe that this powerful and unusual sound is created by only two musicians. ÄTNA generate a powerful, percussive-driving and darkly twisted version of pop that is not afraid of aliens. With abstract beats, minimalistic synthesizers and unbridled vocal power they create something completely fresh.

Großer Saal
7.9.19, 21 Uhr

Stephan Floss

Season celebration on the Day of Open Heritage Sites

The Festspielhaus Hellerau and the Kulturgarten will be open on this day from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. with installations, short dance pieces and performances. Workshops, a screen printing workshop and the community garden invite you to take part. The reconstructed Appia stage, which was created in 1913 as a prototype of a new theatre stage for the 20th century and inspired artists* worldwide, will also be on show. Visitors* can also experience the stage on this day as part of guided tours, installations, performances and light shows.

8.9.19, 11a.m.–7p.m.
Admission free

Photo: Subject to_change

home sweet home | subject to_change

Subject to_change makes every real estate dream possible for you! Anyone who decides to buy a house receives a key, a model house to design themselves and the opportunity to come back again and again, to continue building and to experience how the city is created. Current news is posted on the bulletin board, the postman brings letters and the city radio provides information and entertainment. The fictitious cardboard city thrives, awakens to life and emerges as a model of our utopian urban coexistence. On the last day everyone celebrates a big street festival and toasts to their city.

8.9., 11am–7pm | 9.9.–13.9., 5–7:30pm | 14.+15.9. 2–6pm | 15.9. Closing ceremony
Plots from 3 €/house, children and teenagers 2 €/house

Peter R. Fiebig

Blaue Stunde & RASTER. labor

Blue Hour
The light show at the Blue Hour offers you a special experience. Experience the Appia stage in the Great Hall with its various facets.

Great Hall

RASTER. labor
Byetone and Mieko Suzuki explore the dynamic and mysterious fields of generative composition in a minimalist vinyl hardware setup from the installative series of “RASTER. labor”.

Side Stage East

8.9., 4–5pm | 10./13./15./17./18./21.9. 6–7pm

Photo: Ian Whalen

tension, break, pattern, intrigue

Cindy Hammer, Joseph Hernandez, Johanna Roggan, Anna Till (DE)

The production was created under the title “Kill your…!” as part of “Reconstruction of the Future – Space, Light, Movement, Utopia” in HELLERAU.
In 2017 – after more than 100 years – the Appia stage with its original lighting concept was rebuilt for the first time in the Festspielhaus Hellerau. Choreographers, directors and visual artists were commissioned to explore the possibilities of this revolutionary and historical stage.

Great Hall
8+9.9.19, 8pm

Photo: Raynaud de Lage

À bras-le-corps

Boris Charmatz/Dimitri Chamblas (FR)

The intensive, powerful duet of the world-famous French dancers Dimitri Chamblas and Boris Charmatz was developed in 1993 and is still considered a key work of contemporary dance today.

17.9.19, 8pm following audience talk
18.9.19, 8pm

Photo: André Wirsig

Geometrisches Ballett – Hommage à Oskar Schlemmer

Ursula Sax (DE)

Characteristic of the concept “Geometric Ballet – Hommage à Oskar Schlemmer” by sculptor Ursula Sax is the transcendence of sculpture, performance, dance, theatre and music. In the Bauhaus anniversary year of 2019, it will once again become the focus of the art world’s attention and interest.

Great Hall
20.9.19, 8pm following audience talk
21.9.19, 8pm


Lothar Sprenger

Guided tours through the Hellerau Festival Theatre

Hellerau is home to the first German garden city which, together with the Festspielhaus and the Deutsche Werkstätten, forms a unique triad of works, life and art.
The Festspielhaus was built in 1911 according to a design by the architect Heinrich Tessenow. With its clarity and functional structure, the building became a directional building for modernism and was a visionary counter throw to the traditional theatre buildings.
Today, HELLERAU – European Centre of the Arts continues the heyday of the building from 1911 to 1914.

Every Friday 2 pm (on public holidays by advance reservation)
Price: 6/4 €

Christian Fregnan

Appia+ exhibitions

Two exhibitions about the educational establishment Jaques-Dalcroze and the artistic work of Urusla Sax come along with the the extensive festive programme on all event days and on further dates.

Appia+ talks and lectures

Accompanying talks and lectures on selected dates inform the guests about the artistic work, the Hellerau Festival Theatre and the historic Appia Stage.


Hellerau Festival Theatre


The Festival Theatre, built in 1911/12 by Heinrich Tessenow in the garden city Hellerau, was a radical alternative to traditional theatre buildings. Mary Wigman once danced here. Today, Hellerau is still a centre of contemporary art.

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Lothar Sprenger
Dresden-Hellerau, Hellerau Festival Theatre


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