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One of the distinctive features of the Bauhaus is that it integrated a diverse range of international trends and was required to reinvent itself in consistently new contexts due to its forced relocation. Perhaps the most intensive communication and propagation of the ideas coming from the Bauhaus occurred through the work of former teachers and students both in Germany and internationally and through the maintenance and establishment of new networks.

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International Modernism: France

Simply no flair for aesthetics?

Occasioned by the election of the new French President Emmanuel Macron, we turn our gaze toward France. Were the ground-breaking aesthetic ideas of the Bauhaus appreciated there during its lifetime and, if so, what influence did they have?

Photo: Amie Siegel, ”Provenance“, 2013, HD Video (Still)

International Modernism: India

“Jeanneret” made in India – Modernity as a Global Network

The so-called “Jeanneret Furniture” of the north indian city Chandigarh is directly associated with Le Corbusier and the European 20th century modernists.


International modernism: Japan

The long-standing ties between the Asian island nation and the old world are not only political in nature, but also cultural. Let us therefore take a look at some of the protagonists, who, in direct interaction through their travels, their work and their contacts, built bridges between Japan and the Bauhaus.

Galeria lokal_30, Warszawa

International Modernism: Poland

In the years of the Interwar period, there was no equivalent to the Bauhaus in Poland. But as an exhibition in Berlin shows, the contribution of Polish artists to the formation and theory of classic modernism should not be underestimated.

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International Modernism: Czech Republic

World Teachers’ Day on 5 October reminds us each year of the important role that educators play in providing high-quality education. To mark this occasion, we met a duo of young architects from Brno and asked them whether the ideas of the Bauhaus are still relevant to the students at Czech schools of architecture today, and if so, how.

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International Modernism: USA

How the Bauhaus became canonical in America as a style – and found its way back to Europe as performance art

We tend to see the influence of the Bauhaus on the USA as a one-way street. In fact, the fertilisation was reciprocal and continues to this day.

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