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Alternatives for Living

Blueprints for Lange House and Esters House
Krefeld | exhibition | 17.3.2019-26.1.2020

How do we want to live, how can we and must we live , today and in the future? What forms of cohabitation are conceivable? What potentials, hopes and fears are connected to the globalised, mobile, digital society? In conjunction with the yearlong Alternatives for Living project, the Kunstmuseen Krefeld invited 16 international artists, designers and architects to develop alternative forms of domestic living for Haus Lange and Haus Esters.

Kunstmuseen Krefeld, Photo: Volker Döhne © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019

bauhaus imaginista

Berlin, HKW | Exhibition | 15.3.-10.6.2019

bauhaus imaginista narrates the international histories of the Bauhaus. Since its foundation in 1919, the school was in contact with other avant-garde movements worldwide. bauhaus imaginista proposes a rereading of the Bauhaus as a cosmopolitan project with global resonances.



Concerts, installations, puppet and straight theatre, dance and film, workshops and guided tours, games and festivities: The programme offers numerous different events and formats for Bauhaus experts and novices.

Stan Hema

Triennial of Modernism – Migration of the Material

Under the auspices of Israel’s Ambassador to Germany, the third Triennial of Modernism will take place in October 2019. For the centenary year, the event at all three historical Bauhaus locations will take on a special character. While Weimar and Berlin will focus on the school’s vision and global legacy, Dessau will examine a group of themes revolving around architecture and materials – also with a view to the White City in Tel Aviv.

Photo: Itzhak Kalter Collection

Topics that still set off sparks today

Experts from science, art, design and architecture were invited to the Academy of Arts in Berlin to partake in the critical discourse on 100 years of bauhaus at the 27th of September 2018. Selected impressions of a discursive event.

© Catrin Schmitt