Who Lives in White Cubes?

Jutta Stein, Ingolf Kern (authors), Kitty Kahane (illustrator), Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau (ed.)

Lotte and Max meet Titus in Dessau, and he takes them on a journey back in time to 1927. The children encounter Kandinsky, Klee and Gropius, who all live in houses that look like white cubes. A lot of things in the Masters’ Houses are strange. You take showers in front of a big window and you sleep in a room painted black. Lotte and Max experiment with the Feininger brothers in the darkroom and go to a fancy dress ball with the members of the Bauhaus community. The Bauhaus is just a kindergarten for grown-ups.

Seemann Henschel publishing
Available only in German
ISBN 978-3-86502-385-8