Is everything Bauhaus?

Ingolf Kern, Werner Möller (authors), Kitty Kahane (illustrator)

Mia and Lucas Rosenstein are excited to have been invited to their grandfather's birthday celebration in Chicago. While exploring his apartment, the kids discover an old suitcase full of peculiar articles. For each individual item, their grandfather shares another interesting story - with each one tying into the Rosenstein family history as well. All of them are part of the fascinating world of Bauhaus. Mia and Lucas's interest is sparked and together, they decide to visit the major Bauhaus sites of their home country. With this delightfully illustrated book, kids and adults alike will not only encounter Germany's historic Bauhaus locations, they'll also be able to grasp the idea behind the movement.


Hanser Verlag
release date: September 23rd 2019
ISBN 978-1-56990-758-0

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