Hannes Meyer’s Bauhaus Teaching. From Dessau to Mexico

Philipp Oswalt (Hg.)

As its second director, Hannes Meyer reinvented the educational principles of the Bauhaus as first propounded by Walter Gropius. He replaced the 1923 ideal of “Art and Technology – a New Unity”, which was now a concept in crisis, with the principle of “the needs of the people, not the need for luxury”. Among other things, Meyer cooperated with industry. The school’s teaching became project-oriented and the students realised industrial products. This book also examines the impact this teaching concept had on successor schools, such as the Ulm School of Design.

Birkhäuser Verlag
Bauwelt Fundamente Band 164
ISBN 978-3-0356-1724-5

Birkhäuser Verlag
Philipp Oswalt (Hg.): Hannes Meyers neue Bauhauslehre. Von Dessau bis Mexiko, Cover