Edition Bauhaus

The series of books includes monographs, omnibus volumes and catalogs addressing and inviting discussion on the institution´s fields of work.

Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau (Hg.)

Dot.city – Elational Urbanism and new Media

Edition Bauhaus 14
The book shows the medialization of urban life as a global phenomenon and describes the consequences that result for the design of the urban living space.


Bauhaus Dessau Foundation (Ed.)

UmBauhaus – Updating Modernism

Edition Bauhaus 16
Imagine a journey around the world, where you meet 28 stimulating figures from the fields of architecture, marketing, politics and industrial design to discuss possible alternatives for restoring the Director’s House built for Walter Gropius in Dessau.


The Bauhaus in Calcutta

Edition Bauhaus 36
Rediscovered: the social parallels, cultural similarities, and shared visions of the modernist, postwar West and postcolonial India

Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau (Hg.)

Craft becomes Modern. The Bauhaus in the Making

Edition Bauhaus 51
The Bauhaus in the Making looks at the Bauhaus from the perspective of handcraft. No term was more fiercely disputed there.


Bauhaus Dessau Foundation (Ed.)

Carl Fieger. From Bauhaus to Bauakademie

Edition Bauhaus 52
The architect Carl Fieger was significantly involved in many iconic modern buildings.

House Gropius || Contemporary

Edition Bauhaus 56
The ensemble of Masters’ Houses in Dessau became the epitome of the artists’ colony in the 1920s: this was where the Bauhaus Masters lived next door to one another. With the Bauhaus Residency Programme, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation has made it possible for young, international artists to once again live and work in the Masters’ Houses since 2016.


Design Rehearsals – Conversations about Bauhaus Lessons

Edition Bauhaus 57
In a time of crisis for the traditional educational canon and knowledge systems, the works of students taught by Josef Albers, László Moholy-Nagy, Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Gunta Stölzl and Oskar Schlemmer illustrate their many-faceted exploratory movements towards creative expression in art and design.


The Progressive Heritage of the Bauhaus

Edition Bauhaus 54

When the Bauhaus left Dessau in 1932, no Bauhaus collection remained. Today, the collection of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation comprises more than 50,000 objects and documents on the history of the Bauhaus and its reception. The beginnings of the collection date back to the 1970s. The publication goes back to the early years of "collecting the Bauhaus" and traces the history of Bauhaus reception in the GDR.


Bauhaus Dessau. The Collection

Edition Bauhaus 55

The Bauhaus was one of the most important schools of art, design, and architecture, whose visionary designs continue to be regarded as icons of modernity today. This book provides an in-depth presentation of the second-largest Bauhaus collection in the world. It includes objects from all the phases and fields at the renowned institution.