Bauhaus Women. Mistresses of Art, Craft and Design

Ulrike Müller

The Bauhaus was founded with the aim of linking fine arts with crafts. Works by women were overlooked for a long time, or they have fallen into obscurity in the intervening decades. To succeed in the new fields, women not only needed plenty of self-confidence, they also had to be better at their work than their male colleagues. For the first time, this book acknowledges the women of the Bauhaus in all areas of creativity, presenting their lives and works in empathetic portraits.

Gertrud Grunow • Ré Soupault • Ida Kerkovius • Otti Berger • Marianne Brandt • Dörte Helm • Benita Otte • Florence Henri • Gunta Stölzl • Lucia Moholy • Anni Albers • Lou Scheper-Berkenkamp • Gertrud Arndt • Marguerite Friedlaender-Wildenhain • Margarete Heymann-Loebenstein-Marks • Ilse Fehling • Friedl Dicker • Lilly Reich • Alma Siedhoff-Buscher • Grete Stern • Ise Gropius

ISBN: 978-3-945543-57-3