Bauhaus Magazine

The Bauhaus Magazine is published once a year on time for the Bauhaus birthday on 4 December. In essays, interviews, reports, photographs, flashes of ideas and artistic exploration, it approaches the current annual theme of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation from various angles. Experts and Bauhaus newbies have their say in the issues, and there is room in them for critical voices as well as for dedicated fans.

Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau


Bauhaus Magazine issue 1

80 years after the discontinuation of this periodical, we, as the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, are publishing a new magazine under the old name.

Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau


Bauhaus Magazine issue 2

Tel Aviv is more closely associated with the Bauhaus name than any other city outside Germany. But this myth does not stand up to historical inspection.


Bauhaus Magazine issue 3

The third issue of the Bauhaus Magazine has committed itself to exploring the essence of objects.


Bauhaus Magazine issue 4

The fourth issue wants to give a review and at the same time show, that there is no such genre as Bauhaus photography.


Bauhaus Magazine issue 5

The fifth issue is dedicated to places of longing of european avant-garde – between Latin America, Africa and Asia.


Bauhaus Magazine issue 6

Issue # 6 is dedicated to one of the most miscellaneous and most famous Bauhaus artist: Oskar Schlemmer, who is about to be re-discovered by museums worldwide in 2014.


Bauhaus Magazine issue 7

Architects, artists, graphic designers, craftsmen and textile and theatre designers: they all came together at the Bauhaus to design for a new world. In doing so, they pursued the principle that all learning, experimentation, invention and work had to be collective.


Bauhaus Magazine issue 8

The eighth edition "Movement" combines historical reflection with contemporary positions by international designers, scientists, artists, publicists, acrobats, choreographers, curators, photographers and others.


Bauhaus Magazine issue 9

What is the substance of the Bauhaus? What is the essence of things in the age of immateriality? Why are artists, designers and scientists increasingly interested in materials? What are the materials of the future? The Bauhaus magazine 9 deals with the topic of substance.


Bauhaus Magazine issue 10

The Bauhaus Dessau in particular pursued standardization in architecture and design as it promised greater quality of living for the masses. Bauhaus 10 takes up the annual theme ‘Standard’ of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, highlighting historical and contemporary perspectives.


Bauhaus Magazine issue 11

A review as a preview: What was, what remains and, above all, what follows at Bauhaus Dessau after “100 years of bauhaus”? Bauhaus 11 looks back on an eventful jubilee and captures special moments, atmospheres, encounters and insights.

Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, 2020


Bauhaus Magazine issue 12

Living is more than a functional roof over one's head: The term “habitat” bundles the debates of post-war modernism about a readjustment of architecture. The issue Bauhaus 12 is devoted to historical and contemporary questions about living as a social practice and the relationship between people and the environment.